TheChibyVerse Spotlight: Oluwafemi Orimoloye

THECHIBYVERSE VIP - Oluwafemi Orimoloye


Oluwafemi Orimoloye also known as Unagi is a Medical Doctor at Leadway Health Maintenance Organization.  Femi loves reading books, especially African literature, he also enjoys watching movies and playing games. 

When Unagi is not saving lives he's at TheChibyverse or at the gym with Chiby. They both belong to the gym community and have a great relationship. Unagi says Chiby loves him. 

Unagi has been attending TheChibyverse since 2022 and he found out about it on Twitter (X) while he was out of Lagos. He's been a regular since South Socials at Younis Bashorun and says "It's a great place to unwind during weekends and chill with your guys and opps". 

TheChibyVerse experience In Unagi's words "Hmm. How does one adequately describe the Chibyverse experience? I mean the first time I walked into Younis Bashorun, I came alone, I was shy, and didn't know what to expect. That day was a blast (and I will spare you the details because 💀) so I came back for more and never stopped. I have also met quality people off TheChibyverse and even started a book club with someone I met there. So tell me, what word can I use to summarize the experience? It's Lit!." 

Unagi is very music-inclined as he used to sing Bass for his fellowship choir, he also plays the piano, harmonica and some other wind instruments. You can catch him "unwinding" at TheChibyverse events and follow him on his socials 

X & Instagram: @Theunagi_