TheChibyVerse Spotlight: Jude Dike

TheChibyVerse VIP  - Jude Dike


Jude Dike also known as Big Brutha is TheChibyVerse VIP Spotlight of the week. He is a Software Engineer and co-founder of a fintech investment platform called Get Equity. 

Netflix & Chill, lounging (clubbing at decent), and eating good food are his go-to activities when he's not working. As a part-time alcoholic, he loves TheChibyVerse experience. 

Jude heard about TheChibyVerse since the days of South Social when it became a rave on Twitter. From the entrance he saw a lot of familiar faces, Jude loves a Southern revival drink and the bartender was one of the reasons why he kept coming back.

At TheChibyVerse he's been a regular for 3 years and witnessed the transformation from Younis Bashorun to Moist & Hardrock.

His relationship with Chiby - they had a few mutuals before South Brunch started where they shared a few drinks & they also share a few passions. 

Chiby's assistance facilitated his current relationship with his girl and he's forever grateful for that. 

Jude was really awed by the mechanics & community at TheChibyVerse. He has always believed in TheChibyVerse, what it is now & what it could be in the future. He says he would love to see TheChibyVerse across more geographical areas.  


Plot twist, TheChibyVerse is in Ghana next month! 05/04 | Lavida Night with Joeboy. 


Fun Facts:

- Jude tried to buy South Socials.
- He also planned his life from a really young age & is currently living his dreams. 


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X - @bigbrutha_