TheChibyVerse Spotlight: OYIN


Oyindamola Adedipe aka Easyyyy


One of the Videographers capturing all the sensational off-guard, wavy, hot & naughty moments brought to you by ChibyVerse. 


Easyy is a multifaceted, talented and easygoing Videographer & Photographer for TheChibyVerse. 


He started working with TheChibyVerse in late 2021 but before then had an affinity for Chiby & the events he hosted as a regular at South Socials.


Easyyyy has a natural affinity for videography & photography which was also influenced by some of his friends in the industry. Just like Chiby, he is spirited & passionate about making people feel and look the best & as comfortable as they can about themselves in public, at events & social gatherings. 


“Working with TheChibyVerse Is a great experience; having the opportunity to see and capture so many different people has given Oyindamola a sense of achievement that cannot be matched by any of his other experiences.”


Over the years, his relationship with Chiby has also morphed into that of a brotherhood and that has helped with the success & commitment he has for TheChibyVerse.


One of the major challenges Oyindamola has had to face in his field is the accessibility to really expensive photography & videography gear & equipment which play a vital role in bringing out the best of captured moments. 


According to Easy, it’s an investment that pays because the moments are brought to life in a way that cannot be matched by mediocre or low-quality equipment.  


He is also very passionate about writing as it makes him come alive. Writing poetry, short non-fiction stories & others gives him a sense of fulfilment he can't put into words. The Irony lol. 


Easyy has captured amazing moments at other spectacular events such as; PalmWine Fest, NottingHill Carnival, Zikoko, Flutterwave & Agbaya Link Up and many others, including private hostings for individuals, small businesses & Corporate organizations. 

Follow Oyindamola Adedipe on His Socials. @easyy_ on X & @byoyindamola on Instagram.