Nathan is a Golden Fleece with a Mic. Also known as N.A.T.E (Not Afraid To Excel), aka Corporate Hypeman aka Superman of Hype aka Chief Vibe Officer. Just give Nathan the mic & it's done.

N.A.T.E, who as a professional works a 9-5 as a Banking Communication Specialist at Fidelity Bank and also previously held the role of Personal Assistant to the Managing Director, is the Chief Emcee, Hypeman & CVO of The Chibyverse.

N.A.T.E is a box of talents who is very passionate about Emceeing & Hyping generally. As an Emcee, Nathan is that "Compere You Can’t Compare" who also Models & Sings. Off the studio, N.A.T.E has written and recorded an E.P called "Its NATE O'clock," which is out on multiple streaming platforms as well as other songs such as "Single Pringle, Owo Ni Koko and Lover Boy," everyone should definitely give a listen. Nathan is not afraid of A Microphone.

N.A.T.E hates boring events and developed a nick for emceeing at such a young age while in secondary school. He was greatly inspired and influenced by the likes of Special Spesh, Dotun, Jimmy Akintola & Emcee Fish whom he really admires and thanks for their impressions & encouragement which have helped him grow into the Emcee that he is today. Shout out to Seyi Millez who Nate sees as the next big thing in this field.

The ChibyVerse opened Nathan up to a different dimension. He hopped on the team in 2022 after Hosting at South during an Event for one Emeka, Chiby’s cousin and since then it’s been “from the Universe to TheChibyVerse”.

It has been great working with Chiby & the team, the growth has been massive & Nathan loves the community. The ChibyVerse has been a fantastic place for networking, making profitable connections & vibing. The ChibyVerse Festival was really the beginning of greater things to come. Nathan is hyped about The ChibyVerse's plans for 2024, so watch this Space. It has been a joy ride that is only just taking off.

Nate has also hosted quite a number of big names like Davido, Kiss Daniel, Cavemen, Alternative Sound, Wande Cole, Flavor & Burna.

A major goal of NATE’s is to start a Masters Class to train people in Hyping & Emceeing, with Ladies as his focus because it is a male-dominated industry.

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Seyi Millez:



Dr. Awodumila Oluwaseyi popularly known by his stage name, Seyi Millez is a medical doctor by day and hypeman at night.

His love for the nightlife is what fuels his passion for hyping, and he sees partying as a form of mental therapy after the long stress of the week. He was introduced to The ChibyVerse events by his friends (Ozi and Biyi) who were regular at the events. He then joined The ChibyVerse as a hype man in 2023 and has loved every moment of it. His greatest inspiration for his hype career has been his mentor NATE who has been a great support and guide. He notes that working with Chiby at The ChibyVerse has been a fulfilling experience. Seyi Millez has hosted events that range from dinner and wedding after-parties to club/lounge raves and beach parties.

The commonest question that’s usually thrown to Seyi Millez is how does he mix medicine with the nightlife? He however has a great workplace that supports this lifestyle and is always available for his patients with no part of his career suffering. In his words, “Of course, doctors need to let off some steam too, don’t they?”

A major challenge he faces is the occasional technical issues that arise from the sound and equipment which may warrant him to raise his voice more than usual. Aside from this, he loves the crowd energy and the elite class of DJs he gets to work with such as DJ Tohbad, DJ Nino, DJ Voyst, DJ Titanium, and DJ Loyalty just to name a few. And of course, it’s an honor to hype alongside his mentor NATE.

Seyi Millez hopes to hype at African and International headline shows and also travel the world doing what he loves. His social media handles are:

X: @badboymillez

Instagram: @seyimillezon