7 Types of People at Lagos Parties: Which One Are You?

Parties are a melting pot of personalities, each guest bringing their unique flair to the celebration. Lagos parties and especially citizens of TheChibyverse are no different. Ever wondered which party archetype best describes you? Check out our list and tell us which one of them you are.


1. The Life of the Party

Known for their infectious energy and ability to light up any room, the Life of the Party is the heartbeat of the celebration. They're on the dance floor, leading the charge, standing on tables, trying out all the dance steps you can think of and ensuring everyone is having a blast. Every friend group could use this kind of person on outings.


2. The Social Butterfly

Walk 40 meters with someone like this and you’ll have to stop like 10 times for them to greet different people. They know EVERYBODY! And the people they don’t already know, they’re getting to know them. With a gift for conversation, the Social Butterfly effortlessly floats from group to group, making connections and thriving on the social aspect of the gathering.


3. The Observer

“Inserts twitter observer meme”. These are the ones that only come to the party to feed their eyes. They observe everything that happens but rarely ever partake in the activities. They don’t dance, socialize or show any intentions of participating. They just hang on to their drinks and observe all night long. 


4. The Foodie

No platter is safe in the presence of the Foodie. A good party for them is one where they get to eat a lot especially if they get the munchies. They can be found scrolling through the menu, signaling to waiters and growing impatient when their food is delayed. 


5. The Fashionista

Blaqbonez’ Fashionova comes to mind when you talk about these guys. They don’t know how to go anywhere casually. They are always unapologetically dripped out in stunning outfits, jewelleries, shoes, bags and even accessories. The alte gang knows a thing or two about being fashionistas too as they’ve been known to go the extra mile with elaborate outfits, bringing an extra dash of excitement to any event.


6. Snapchat Baddies 

The yellow app has been known to be the HQ of Lagos baddies but some cannot just go 10 minutes without pulling out their phones to take a selfie, send a streak, and more. To an extent documenting memories is good but drop try to live in the moment as well.


7. The Booze Barons

They put it upon themselves to make sure that everyone gets some alcohol in their system, especially themselves. They often have high tolerance so it’s futile trying to outdrink them. They hold on to the necks of bottles and go around feeding liquor to everyone. Yeah Yeah, you cannot continue reading this without hearing “Chiby, Chiby” in your head.

Which One Are You?

As you read through these party-goer archetypes, you might recognize a bit of yourself in more than one category. After all, we're all a blend of different personalities. Embrace your unique party style and let it shine at the next Chibyverse gathering!


Remember, the beauty of a party lies in its diversity of guests, each contributing to the overall tapestry of fun and merriment. So, which type of party-goer are you? Let us know.