TheChibyVerse Spotlight: DJ TOHBAHD



Sodiq Yusuff popularly known as DJ Tohbahd is an Architect during the day & a Disc Jockey at Night. 


As his name says Tohbahd just to let you know he's too badass on the deck, DJ Tohbahd is the main man behind the great sounds we all love to vibe & dance to at TheChibyverse events. He joined TheChibyVerse in 2021 back at the Old South & "what a ride”, he says. 


Tohbahd’s favourite part of working with TheChibyVerse is the community, the people; no pretence and the right attitude to party & that, to him, is the perfect recipe for a great party. Good DJs are key for driving excellent events. DJ Tohbahd loves to keep his audience engaged and take them on a journey where they forget their home training.


Sodiq’s love for music is his motivation to DJ. He LOVES music and likes manipulating music to how he wants it to sound. DJing was an avenue for that. He is also a talented swimmer, dancer and could be hilarious too. 


The greatest challenges Tohbahd faces as a DJ are technical issues, which is the easiest way to ruin a great time and then the occasional underrating by clients, and the perception of DJing as a profession.


A major goal of Tohbahds is to DJ at top venues worldwide, and TheChibyVerse is the perfect platform to attain that. Another goal of his is to have a few timeless records as well.