TheChibyVerse Spotlight: Miss Bello Mariam Oluwadamilola

TheChibyVerse VIP  - Miss Bello Mariam Oluwadamilola


Bello Mariam Oluwadamilola also known as DammyB or Mimi is an Oniomania. A shopaholic and a product critic. She attended Fashion School and is a great crocheter. Mimi also gives reviews which help her build a trusted buyer-seller relationship with major brands and organizations. 

DammyB is also a newly found Jesus' baby, but that hasn't stopped her from having a good time at TheChibyverse. She loves to serve in Church, swim, read & attend trade fairs. Music and going to the beach are also her go-to activities and at TheChibyverse she gets to experience both. 

Mimi and Chiby are social media mutuals and that's how she got to know about TheChibyverse. She says "Chiby is one of the purest souls she's ever met". A religious attendee of TheChibyverse events for 3 years now since South Socials at Younis Bashorun and now she has such a great relationship with Chiby. 

TheChibyverse - Mimi loves little beginnings so much because she knows how much potential little beginnings possess and she has literally watched TheChibyverse experience different levels of growth and transformation while staying true to its Originality. TheChibyverse has always been very interesting to Mimi and she has so much fun at every single event. "I'm so proud of Chiby", she says. 


DammyB has a very keen 5 senses. Which means she can smell a great party from a mile away. In her words, “don’t sleep on a good time with The ChibyVerse”.

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