TheChibyVerse Spotlight: Harri Obi



Harri Obi is a Cryptocurrency Marketer & Community Manager. When he is not working you can catch him at TheChibyverse or with his console. 

Harri loves gaming and working but also loves a good time. He got to know about TheChibyverse through social media and says "It was a trending topic in both social conversations and gatherings" so he had to be a part of it and has not looked back ever since. 

The networking and job opportunities, while seeing familiar faces are a cool blend of work and fun which makes TheChibyverse his go-to - during weekends. It is fun and chilled with a unique vibe and he doesn't feel odd, you'd definitely catch him at his table. According to Harri, he has met more tech guys at TheChibyverse than at work. Crazy! 

Harri Obi has a great relationship with Chiby that has gone beyond the confines of Hardrock and Moist beach club. He's been attending TheChibyverse events for over a year now. TheChibyverse has grown in audience and relevance, and one thing that appealed to him was Chiby's attention to detail in quality of service and consistency. Harri plans on investing in TheChibyverse and it is currently in the works. 

The 29th of March is a date Harri Obi is looking forward to, at The Afro Haven. Harri will definitely be at his table. 

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